Saturday, October 08, 2005

Hurry Up!

Hey dear, do you know that you are quite behind the world? Q., a highshool friend, told me. Viet nam is changing. People change. Supermarkets, which used to be a simbol of a better life, are opening everywhere.
You should go blogging. Tear off your diaries at home, this is the way to go. Well, here I go, open the latop, type what were in my mind, what is in my mind, what I think it is true.
Where can you find changes in a country, in its people, in its streets... This is where I want to go, the place where I work, the streets where we shop along or eat something, people that I know or acquaint with.
The question is, if we have the deadline, we know when we should hurry up. So in life, what is the deadline? When do we have to say to ourselves to hurry up?
It used to be much easier when we were in school or at work, the teacher told us when we should submitted the home work, the boss told us about the next report, but in life, who is going to tell us to hurry up? And if we must do it then what push us ahead, and how could we recognize the deadline we set?

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