Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Earthquake In Sai Gon, Again!

It happened again yesterday. The whole buiding Me Linh Point was shaking around 3PM, 8 Nov 2005 for 5 - 10 seconds, well, this was only my second one since when I could remember. The night before, around midnight, the bed was shaking, alone in the night, and did not know what it was, childhood stories came back as tsunami, I thought it was a ghost in the house! Well, thank to my father, who scared us with all these stories.
Yesterday, in office, there should be no ghost what so ever, so it must be an earthquake... Together with all colleagues, I ran from the 18th floor down. Had never seen my legs shaking like that.
To my surprise, along the staircase, I saw many girls who walked so slowly in their heels or zoris, hands in hands, despite the recommendations from some foreigners and others, blocked all the way down. What would happen if there were a fire in the buidling, please forgive my sayings? We should not be frightened, I know, what should we do when some people just do not care about others' feelings? Where is the line between being fair and being care?
I heard it was around 5 Richter. Think about all the terrible things to Asia lately, bombing in Indonesia, southern Thailand, tsunami in South-East Asia, floods in China and Vietnam, earthquake in South Asia, avian flu, it looks like bad luck chooses to find a new home in the old and poor continent.

These are some links that might be interesting someday: See seismic activities around the world

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