Monday, July 31, 2006


Hello World,

I am so happy to be back to Blogger's world! Finally my ISP has released this page! I gave up finding a way to update it a long while ago, just now that I felt pissed off by Yahoo performance and take a look at Blogger.Com, I am IN!

The dating game is on. See you soon!


layered said...

Welcome back -- it is very important to have more Vietnamese voices online.
-- Mel

kca said...

Hey you know what, i quite tired to come and see 1 post every 6 month, so please when u will post again, drop to my blog to inform me!
Thanks for your comprehension!

blue-jean said...

I am sorry kca, I love reading your blog, and you seem to be my only reader :-) but I loose your interest by procrastinating and ... laziness. I'll try to keep posting and thank you so much for visiting

blue-jean said...

Thank you layered for visiting ! Love your blog ;)

kca said...

:o( Buon qua!!!