Saturday, March 25, 2006

This page is not available

Or, in other words, we currently block it, Interner surfer! We think about your safety and the might-be-naughty factors in you, we want to protect you from the bad influences, that is why this page is blocked. You see how much we have done for you, we have to stop the bad sources touching your eyes? You complain, huh? You see, sometimes, we have to act against your will for your own good, everything has a side effect, while we are blocking you from the bad influence, some good ones are blocked too, but we thought about that, and we know, we'd rather be the one who is blamed than letting you go attained the bad stuff! (sight, and continue on consoling...)
Now, look at countries where information goes out of control, look at their crime rates, their suicides numbers, their social sickness, do you feel better in the cozy net that we choose for you?
Do I hear some laughing around, be careful as we are watching you! B-)

F.Y.I. Many homepages, Yahoo Groups, and BlogSpot.Com are currently blocked by my ISP provider. If you think that you are old enough and can take responsibility for your actions, you're wrong, under my roof, play by my rules!

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