Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hope & The Country

We all thought AIDS would kill all the human race only 5 years ago. Then, some religious people explained the God's instructions through AIDS, faithful to your lover! I don't know about that, but it is clearly that we somehow can protect ourselves against AIDS. What a relief! Since when, the sickness of other kinds comes back and kills humans?
Then there comes avian flu to the world, can we fight sneezes, up your nose?
In each Vietnamese house, there is always some chicken use for soups, for worshipping to the house devinities, to the ancestors. Vietnam has been warned about the risk of avian flu since last year Tet of the Rooster (what an odd coincident), but it did not make any sense to each family, says my mother as an example. She did not buy any chicken UNTIL the night of 30th of At Dau Tet, same as did many women in Ha Noi. The chicken meat price went up to 200K VND / kg (around 13 USD) in the last year. People laughed. The government did not really enfore the destroying of chicken or duck farms as well as the selling of the meat. On the other hand, what can we do? The poor farmers do not have another way of living, the government of a poor country could not sponsor too much money to help the ones destroying their own living ways.
With the increasing cases infected of H5N1 virus, the government has to enfore the ban of selling chicken in all the provinces of the country. Fingers crossed...

But you know what? Vietnam is producing Tamilflu thank to Roche ! We can start our war against bird flu, to save people!

The end of human is still far from coming, as long as each person, each country realizes that we will die by all these diseases real fast if we are not reaching to each other.

Added 13 March 2006: This is the link about Avian Influenza, if you would like to know its scientific information, I've got this information thanked to my little sister who asked me to translate this document into Vietnamese for reference use inside her university report?! 27 pages of typing is not really a fun task, especially when you are not enjoy the translation!

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