Saturday, March 11, 2006

New Kids On The Blog

First, I would like to put everything in this blog, my life, things that we want to start, then , it comes to the question, what is for? I can not merge everything at once, and of course, can not do everything by myself.
Especially when my poohbear told me about, increasing the size of the good thing that we tried as individuals to a bigger size, and for the people who need. Then it clear to me that I need to keep all these, for the people we know, for the future...
It is still small, and just started, but we hope to make it useful for those who'd like to make a good deed, or want to share with us, your difficulties if we could help!
We put the information about the little thing we tried to do to make a difference, about the hearts of gold of the people we know, about all the good stuff we've seen under the little thing website, and try to form a place to share the our stories, our life in the Home-roasted Coffee Ground website. Check them out and please give us your feedbacks!
And this VietBloom is saved for our friends', our friends' friends', and our related experiences, stories, news, information for Vietnam...
Well it takes me the whole day to move data, repost, remove, register, and conclusion, same as moving house, moving your pages is also not interesting as starting something brand-new!

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